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Mary Pearson

March 8th : 7:30pm
Tickets : £12 / £10 (conc)

Enter here and now. A woman, and a mystery: What happened? How did we get here? How do we get down from here? Flashing back through another time, another place, a woman is lost in a digital age state of being. All eyes gaze upon her, their insatiable desire is to invade and capture her privacy. FoMO, MOFOs! (Fear of Missing Out, Motherf***ers!) is a kaleidoscopic meditation passing through the films Blow-Up and Mullholland Drive and the songs of Robert Wyatt, Kraftwerk and John Lennon; a modern myth, cautionary tale, and cinematic visual feast. At times sinister, at times achingly vulnerable, and laced with deliciously surreal comedy, this solo performance is hard to pin down and hard to forget. FoMO, MOFOs! is made possible by a Time & Space residency at Metal Culture and residencies at Au Brana Cultural Centre and Unity Theatre
With Special Guests:
Taciturn get sucked into the world of social media and the role it plays in our society in their new work in progress. The pictures we see and stories recounted, those ‘best bits’ we compare to our own lives. But what we don’t see in between those poses is the stark reality and unpredictability of life. We hope to share with our audience an honest and presumptuous account of the transfer of reality to social media and vice versa.

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